Shanghai, China Manager Training (2015)

The International Quitline Institute (IQI) recently completed a second training with colleagues at China CDC, to train and assist Chinese health professionals to build capacity for providing telephone-based tobacco cessation services. From August 3-5, 2015, in Shanghai, IQI partnered with WHO to provide training for approximately 130 individuals representing nearly 30 provinces. About half of the trainees were managers for the nation’s Public Health Hotline 12320, and the other half were policymakers with the Chinese Health and Family Planning Commission. For the workshop segment of the training, participants were split into several groups to share best practices and develop work plans for their regional offices.

Following the Shanghai training, IQI participated in the annual Asia Pacific Quitline Network (APQN) meeting and Ken Wassum subsequently led a one-day telephone counselor training in in Changsha, Hunan Province, for an additional 80 quitline counselors from Public Health Hotline 12320. The Hunan training focused on evidence based intervention strategies for a range of callers: 1) those not ready to quit, 2) those ready to quit, and 3) those who have recently quit. Counseling strategies in the training included motivational interviewing, skill building, problem solving, persuasive education and reinforcement. Facilitation skills such as normalizing, active listening and summarizing were also covered. Trainees were arranged in dyads to practice implementing the various intervention strategies and facilitation techniques.

Participant evaluations of the program were distributed and completed and will be analyzed along with ongoing short- and long-term outcome data from prior IQI trainings and workshops.