Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) Trainings


The Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) Training was designed to support implementation of tobacco quitline services by developing counselors’ knowledge, skills and confidence to serve as TTSs. The accompanying WHO training manual (Training for tobacco quit line counsellors: telephone counselling) and supporting PowerPoint presentations, co-authored by Dr. Dongbo Fu, Ken Wassum, and Etta Short, contain 14 modules, each addressing a specific aspect of delivering counseling services to quitline callers.

Each training module is presented in a facilitated, interactive, small group, four-step format: Preparation, Presentation, Practice and Evaluation. While the full training spans five days, a shorter 3-day version of the training has also been developed for countries or regions with fewer resources to devote to training.

To date, the IQI has piloted the TTS Training in two cities (click each for more information):

Our next TTS Training is tentatively scheduled for later this year (2016) in Delhi, India.